I have been an passionate animal lover since I was a child, especialy of wild animals, maybe inspired by wildlife documentaries and the figure of one of the more extraordinary men in my country of all times, Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente, who was one of the precursors of environmentalism in Spain and the Iberian Wolf savior in my country.
I really feel involved and concern in some causes such as climate change or forest fires, an I work as volunteering and fo my best for wildlife rescue centers or simply as comunicator, spreading the word and raising awareness and funds when I cannot offer my direct help.

I carefully select the NGOs I work with trying to be in direct contact with people who works on them.
In particular cases, there are specific rescued centers that are close to me, such as FIEB or GREFA, here in Madrid (Spain) and I can be in direct touch – visiting them and sending a report with the summary of all sales (which they can access if they wish)
In the case of big or far causes, such the help to Siberia Forests, I work with trusted organizations such as Greenpeace, to ensure that the money is sent to a safe place.
Anyway, I´ll  send the earnings one by one, if they are a significant amount, or take advantage of the donations to become a member in any of the organizations, if they are large enough.

Click on the image below and visit the sites of the different NGOs to get to know them better.

Wildlife Rescue Center
Help European Minks
Wildfires in Spain
Helping Andean Cats
Help the Taiga


When you make a purchase in my online stores, I receive a small earning of every purchase (aprox 10-20%) If you buy a gift of any of the charitable art, that part will be sent in full to this NGO involved.
Keep in mind that Print On Demand shops owners´sales depend a lot on the time of the year, and for many months there are only exporadic sales, so when you buy one of these products, the profits (usually small) will collected and sent when there is a significant amount (minimum 10 Euros / Dollars)
I understand that suspicions may arise in this type of gesture, but in my case I try to be as clear as possible, and I use to post the money transfers on my Social Media (Instagram or Twitter) (and many times I add a little more from my personal money) and please, don´t think that I want to benefit from any tragedy!!!
They really are very symbolic incomes and maybe the most useful in this is you can help to the NGO involved to gain a new memeber or partner. Anyway, I´d like your purchase be useful for Nature…
Since I am not a millionaire to be able to make large donations, I try to contribute my small grain of sand, even if little by little.

Please, I want to make it clear: I´m not going to keep it in any case (even if you only could buy a coffee with it, it is their coffee, not my coffee!!)


These unique gifts and clothes are made on Print on Demand shops, what is meaning the product is produced only when you order it.

These are original by Belette Le Pink -but maybe you can find copies on Amazon or other sites that stole this kind of designs. Anyway, only the stuff bought on the official sites (look in the tab above SHOPS) will be donated.

These are some of the designs you can find on my shops to help the wildlife.

I´ll update as soon as I can… Meanwhile you can visit the links clicking the images and discover your favourite tshirt, mug, sticker, postcard, poster, totebag etc…

If you don´t find the gift you want or need on my store, you can also help the causes  inviting me to a coffee and leaving a message with the NGO you choose to send the money of your coffee.


Money is necessary for the material needs of the projects managed on NGOs, but it is much more important to be responsible with our purchases, so as not to generate waste that could harm the Environment.

Please remember that the best help for nature and environment is to avoid generating waste and garbage.

Remember, when you buy a product it must be something special, please, if your gift is not useful for you, don´t destroy it. You can make a second hand gift to someone who really enjoy it.

If you can´t make any purchases at moment, maybe you can help sharing this direct link to spread the Belette Le Pink products


or maybe making a direct donation in the NGOs. Small ammounts make big ammounts all together.

Thank you very much for your time: animals, plants, Nature and next generations will thank you.

Buy a Coffe and  donate for the animals

Leave a message with the name of the cause you want to support

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