“Expressing myself through the animals beauty” Belette Le Pink

Lety´s Pink

Hi, this is me, Belette. I am  an illustrator based in Madrid, Spain.

I love the wildlife and the animals,  and they have been always present in my art and life since I was a child.

Wolves, otters, ferrets, civets and weasels are some of my favorites, and “Weasel Hugs” is my war cry.

Working with digital and traditional painting tools.

Commissions open.

Contact with me for any inquiry or licensing


Born in 1978 in Madrid, Spain.

Studied at Artediez (Arts School in Madrid) Illustration and Graphic Print Degrees

Self-taught, curious and creative, I have been studing music (solfa, harmony, singing, piano…) for years to complemented the visual arts 

I do miss these times in the stages!

Supporting environmental causes, both as an artist and with daily activism, much before it was “Cool”.

Working both with traditional and digital techniques to paint and sketching my beloved animals.

Why animals? I don’t know, maybe because they are just…alive?


Exhibitions of traditional and digital art in Madrid Area from (1999 to 2010)

Printed on Demand Shop owner since 2017

Illustrator at  “Una nube, dos nubes, tres nubes” by Maribel Lechuga (2017)

Author and Illustrator at  “Cuando las águilas hacen historia” published by www.grefa.org (2020)

Back cover illustration at “A Journey To Inspire: My Story My Life” written by Matt Spencer published on Amazon Books (2020)

Character Design

Surface Design and patterns

Pet portraits digital and Mixed Media Art

Commisions for customising products as apparel, gift ideas and merchandising (2017 – 2022)

Merchandashing, patterns and character design for “Tuulispää Shop” (2021-2022)

Character design and art for the app “Pi Le Fuchs” (2020 – current project)


All works are copyrighted © 2017-2022 All Rights Reserved License throught Save Creative