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Belette Le Pink´s original arts and designs, are available on the main printed on demand Online Shops.


The Belette´s unique gifts and clothes are made on the Print on Demand shops. That means each product is produced just for you when you make the order.

Please, don´t mistake with the Belette Le Pink´s fake products available at Amazon and other unauthorized sites.

When you buy in official shops, your support directly the artists and (in the case) the causes supported with my art.

Only the orders made in the official sites (look in the tab above SHOPS) will be donated.

These are some of the designs you can find on my shops to help the wildlife.

Find your charitable art at the shops for Tuulispää: the Kauppa for Finland and the Redbubble shop for worlwide shippings.

 Apparel, mugs, sickers and more gift ideas for the rescued animals.


Beyond the ideals, not profite organizations need money as well, for food, rents, materials, tools and to pay the people employed for preservating the wildlife species and nature. But we need the most more is a safe and clean planet.

Please, remember that the best help for our environment is to stop generating waste and garbage, so, when you buy a product be sure iit is something special. In case you don´t find the perfect gift for you here and still you do want to help, you can make a donation in the links below.

If you already bought a gift and it doesn’t work for you after a while, please don’t destroy it, just share it as an original second-hand gift to someone who could enjoys it. Then you’ll spread the word about Belette’s causes and art at time.

And, in case you can’t afford any purchases right now, please, share it  on your social media. The environment, myself and future generations will thank you!

Wildlife Rescue Center
European Minks
Wildfires in Spain
Andean Cats

Find your charitable art on Redbubble. Society6 and Teepublic- Apparel, mugs, stickers and more gift ideas to help de animals.

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