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Thank you dear buyers

Thank you dear buyers

Thanks so much all the buyers for our fundraising purchases on my shops this summer 🐻🐯🐗🐺🌲 The first 20 EUR collected to #savethesiberianforests have been donated to @greenpeaceru this week 👏👏👏  You can help the Wildlife thru the Belette Le Pink´s unique and original gift ideas. Check the shops […]

Thank you, Design by Humans

Thank you, Design by Humans

Thank you Design by humans for the featuring this week!! I’ll be in the front page along this week. Enjoy my wolves, weasels, otter, badger and animals, and print them on you favourite apparel, tshirt, hoddie, sweatshirts, stickers, mugs and many more gift ideas for men, […]

The World is on fire?

The World is on fire?

Hi, everybody. I am really frustated and dismayed by the huge and terrorific wildfires that are taking place in so many parts of the world at time these days.
Beyond they are or not a tendring topic, I have a big concern for the environmental issues in general and particulary for forest fires since I was a child.
All wildfires, large or small, are very destructive. Yes, is true the fire is a part of the natural cycle of some ecosystems, but not in those dimesions and so frequently.
Unfortunately, fires are usually due to human causes -accidentaly or not, many forests can´t regenerate as quickly as they nedded due to human action or climate change and this generate more climate change and destruction.
Is an endless circle…

Fortunately, many people worldwide is raising awareness and fighting for the forests preservation, and I´d like to thank sincerely to the brave firefighters and volunteers who give their lives everyday to save the so-called lungs of the Earth. And they really are, now more than ever.

I have a special relationship of love with the taiga and the Siberian forests and I have made some illustrations abut it, not only after the recent fires.

Along the next weeks I´ll update new designs.

I put many of them on my shops as charitable art for different causes related.

Check the link to read more about.


Doñana Wildfires 2017
Artic Wildfires 2018
Ussuriland Dersu´s dream 2018
Siberian wildfires 2019
Siberian wildfires 2019
Siberian wildfires 2019
Amazonia Wildfires 2019
Animals´funeral 2019
World in on fire 2019
Siberia Wildfires 2019

All works are copyrighted © 2017-2019 with All Rights Reserved License throught Save Creative

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Wolves of the World 2019 Instagram Art Challenge by Belette Le Pink

Wolves of the World 2019 Instagram Art Challenge by Belette Le Pink

Happy to introduce the first art challenge I host on Instagram.

I´ve created the hashtag #wolvesoftheworld2019 to the art challenge that is opened until August 31th.

Mustelid October 2018

Mustelid October 2018

Hi everybody! As you surely know, I´m a big fan of the Mustelids. This month I have decided to have celebrate it and I committed to make my personal version of the popular InkOctober: I´ll did my own #mustelidoctober2018 and I will paint all mustelid […]

Mustelid art

Mustelid art

One thing I have always wanted to do (and to which I have dedicated many years, although intermittently, when circumstances permit) is an illustrated book about Mustelids and Small Carnivores.

Along my adolescence I was very inspired by the work of the Dutch illustrator Rien Poortvliet (The Gnomes, Dogs) and her fresh and wonderful style of sketches. I have always wanted to do something similar … with my limitations, of course!

I love mixing the different techniques to achieve the texture and movement of these restless animals that I like so much.

I wait for the day this dream comes true. Meanwhile, I draw weasels …

Una cosa que siempre he querido hacer (y a la que llevo muchos años dedicados, aunque de manera intermitente, cuando las circustancias lo permiten) es un libro ilustrado de mustélidos y pequeños carnívoros.

En la adolescencia me inspiró mucho la obra del ilustrador holandés Rien Poortvliet (Los Gnomos, Perros) y siempre he querido hacer algo similar… ¡con mis limitaciones, por supuesto!

Me encanta mexclar las diferentes técnicas para lograr la textura y movimiento de estos inquietos animales que tanto me gustan.

Espero llegue el día en que este sueño se haga realidad. Mientras tanto, dibujo comadrejas…

Here, a pencil drawing of Siberian weasel (Mustela sibirica) or “kolinsky”, popular for providing the hairs that are used for artistic brushes that we use for watercolors. Of course, I not use them a long time ago and I only have synthetic-hair brushes.

I have been preparing these days, taking advantage of the natural light that the long days of spring give us.

Aquí, una ilustración a lápiz de visón de Siberia (Mustela sibirica) el famoso “Kolinsky”, tan popular por proporcionarnos los pelos que se utilizan para pinceles artísiticos que usamos para las acuarelas.

Por supuesto, yo hace tiempo dejé de usarlos y sólo tengo pinceles sintéticos.

La he estado preparando estos días, aprovechando la luz natural que nos proporcionan los días largos de la primavera.


I like to draw inspiring in many photographs for search different poses of the body and the color patterns in the fur. Despite its brown tones, I find the mustelid´s fur patterns very interesting.


Me gusta dibujar inspirándome en diferentes fotografías e investigar las diferentes poses del cuerpo y las estructuras del color en el pelaje. Pese a sus tonalidades pardas, me resultan muy interesantes los distintos patrones que el pelaje ofrece.


GREFA Calendar 2018

GREFA Calendar 2018

Os presento mi último proyecto en colaboaración con GREFA (Grupo de Rehabilitación de la Fauna Autóctona y su Hábitat) situado en Madrid, España. Hemos diseñado este bonito calendario de mesa por sólo 5€, recopilando las ilustraciones que hemos estado utilizando para las viñetas y diseños […]

Belette 2018

Belette 2018

Resumen de Donativos Diciembre17  a Junio 2018 Gracias a los compradores del mercadillo ArteDiez Market del pasado 21/12/2017, sus compras en beneficio Alianza Gato Andino – Andean Cat Alliance ya han sido ingresadas para el estudio de esta especie tan escasa y especial. Puedes conocer más acerca del Gato […]



Empieza el nuevo año con Belette Le Pink. Trece ilustraciones de diferentes subespecies de lobo al más puro estilo Belette. Además, si te adelantas no pasa nada, ya que puedes empezar el año del calendario en el mes que tú quieras.

Precio especial 21,65€

En la tienda Redbubble de Belette Le Pink.

Ancho 30 cm
Alto 42 cm
(formato A3)

Encuadernados con una espiral metálica que incluye un práctico colgador.

Impresión digital de una nitidez extraordinaria.

Empieza el año con el mes que más te guste.

Papel cubierto satinado de 200 g/m².

Start the new year with Belette Le Pink. Thirteen illustrations of different subspecies of wolf in the purest Belette style. Also, if you go ahead nothing happens, since you can start the calendar year in the month that you want.Start the new year with Belette Le Pink. Thirteen illustrations of different subspecies of wolf in the purest Belette style. Also, if you go ahead nothing happens, since you can start the calendar year in the month that you want.
Special Price € 21.65
In the Redbubble shop of Belette Le Pink.
Width 30 cmHeight 42 cm(A3 format)Bound with a metal spiral that includes a practical hanger.
Digital printing for extraordinary sharpness.
Start the year with the month that you like.
Satin covered paper 200 g / m².

Commencez la nouvelle année avec Belette Le Pink. Treize illustrations de différentes sous-espèces de loups dans le style Weasel le plus pur. De plus, rien ne se produit parce que vous pouvez commencer l’année civile au mois souhaité. Achète-le maintenant!

Prix spécial 21,65 €

Dans le magasin Redbubble de Belette Le Pink.

Largeur 30 cm
Hauteur 42 cm
(Format A3)
Fixé avec une spirale en métal qui comprend une suspension pratique.

Impression numérique pour une clarté extraordinaire.

Commencez l’année avec le mois désiré.

Papier satiné 200 g / m².


Venta directa (Sólo España)

Venta directa en formatos A5 y A4 desde 5 €  (+ gastos de envio)

A5 espiral 5€ + 1,50 € gastos de envío.

A4 espiral 10 € + 1,80 € gastos de envío

International shipping inquiries, please send a message through the contact page.

Demandes d’expédition internationale, envoyez un message via la page de contact



Esta semana Belette tuvo el honor de participar en dos importantes proyectos: ilustrar un cuento en la Isla imaginada de “Martes de cuento”, e ilustrar las andanzas de los últimos vencejos del verano en la web de GREFA (ong dedicada a la recuperación de la […]

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Belette Le Pink in Society6

Belette Le Pink in Society6

I´d like to introduce my new online store today:

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