Welcome to my blog!

Years ago I started to write some entries here but due I had time to develope it properly, I deleted my previous posts.

I think today can be a good day to start again.

Of course, I couldn´t start this new peoject without mentioning the animals, my muse, my love.

Oftenly, people ask me why I draw animals, and I say, why not? What’s wrong?

Animals, music and the silence, these has been my best company along my life,  not only pets, but the wildlife.

Maybe because I lived in small cities most of my life, I have the opportunity to grow in contact with small animals and fields. This is important because when you live in the city is good to remember that we are part of the nature much more often…

Now living in the tecno-era is easy to forget that we are all the same, humans and cities are part of the Natural World, no matter the asfalt, pollution or  noises, nature will try to find the way.

We humans and nature are the same, even when we try to ignore it again and again…

Can you feel the connection? Can you feel how animals try to communicate even though we don’t understand their language? When did we lose this ability?

I dream with the day when we are capable of understand the other species language and “talk”  with the animals.

I am sure that, when you feel the connection you won’t feel alone again.

Decades ago wildlife and plants were much more present in the city-life than now. There were much less asphalt, noises or pollution there.
We,  the 80´s children, we were lucky of be able to enjoy the trees, the flowers, the insects, the lizards and the frogs in the park, in the small fields around the buildings, in every small city.

Even I like to paint animals with human body or in not realistic styles, indeed, I don´t like to humanize animals because they have their only esence. In my opinion they deserve that their animality is consider as unique. They are just different from us but the same at time.

Every day it is more evident that animals do not need humans at all, but we are the ones who need them to survive. I know I’m not the first one saying this, I don´t want to be original but spread my message for reaching the people that didn´t realize still …

I often wonder what our near future will be like and how many species will be able to survive in this changing world. And at the end of the day, one thing is clear, “my” animals will remain forever.

See you soon



Timber Wolves mixmedia 2015
Genets for an illustrated book. Digital art 2015
Ferret. Mixmedia sketch 2019

Animals were always present in my life, I like sketching them in different styles, mixed media, digital, childish, realistic, adult…

Recently, I found this interesting documentary about the attempts of decoding the animals language by humans. I can wait to know what they are saying!!




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