The World is on fire?

The World is on fire?

Hi, everybody. I am really frustated and dismayed by the huge and terrorific wildfires that are taking place in so many parts of the world at time these days.
Beyond they are or not a tendring topic, I have a big concern for the environmental issues in general and particulary for forest fires since I was a child.
All wildfires, large or small, are very destructive. Yes, is true the fire is a part of the natural cycle of some ecosystems, but not in those dimesions and so frequently.
Unfortunately, fires are usually due to human causes -accidentaly or not, many forests can´t regenerate as quickly as they nedded due to human action or climate change and this generate more climate change and destruction.
Is an endless circle…

Fortunately, many people worldwide is raising awareness and fighting for the forests preservation, and I´d like to thank sincerely to the brave firefighters and volunteers who give their lives everyday to save the so-called lungs of the Earth. And they really are, now more than ever.

I have a special relationship of love with the taiga and the Siberian forests and I have made some illustrations abut it, not only after the recent fires.

Along the next weeks I´ll update new designs.

I put many of them on my shops as charitable art for different causes related.

Check the link to read more about.


Doñana Wildfires 2017
Artic Wildfires 2018
Ussuriland Dersu´s dream 2018
Siberian wildfires 2019
Siberian wildfires 2019
Siberian wildfires 2019
Amazonia Wildfires 2019
Animals´funeral 2019
World in on fire 2019
Siberia Wildfires 2019

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