“I mainly draw animals in all styles because I find it much easier to express myself through them ´cause of their beauty.
I also like the more irrational side of the human being and dream/oniric  spaces”.

Hi, I’m Belette Le Pink, I’m a little pink mink living inside a crazy grey-haired woman in her forty’s who draws animals.

As human, I began to draw when I was four, just since I started to move my hands. I always enjoyes creating my own custom products and games.

“I used to paint the animals I watched on the TV documentaries, eagles and wolves hunting deers and rabbits, the tigers and the big cats; the meerkats and the weasels”.

One of my favourite past-times when I was a child, were the cartoon animated series like Warner Bros or Hanna Barbera. I used to record the series on my video player and watch them in slow motion to discover the different movements of the animation.

Before to study Arts, I was totally convinced of being a biologist or veterinarian and I´d would like to travel around the world recording documentary films.

But my skills were much better for being an artist than a scientific.

“When I was five I learn to write as self taught and I wrote my first “book” about the adventures of many animals, as wolves, foxes, dogs, and a farmer, at the age of six”.

When I was fourteen years old learned to paint with oil. Although I studied at the School Art, Illustration and Design, I have always enjoyed more experimenting and doing things in a self-taught way .

I felt in love with the animated productions after watching  Beauty and the Beast (1991) and I decided to investigate about the storyboard art, the layouts design and the film production.

Then I studied at the School of Arts for this purpose, but life had other plans for me and I had to leave my artistic “business” for many years due familiar issues and other kind of jobs.

Happily I could to study music in these in between years, and enrich my point of view and ways to express the art and complement the visual arts.

After many years out of service in artistic life, in 2017 I had the opportunity of publish my first autopublished book “Una nube, dos nubes, tres nubes” as illustrator for the Maribel Lechuga´s text.

It was in the same year I create my brand and artistic identity as Belette Le Pink.

“Why Belette? Belette sounds so beautiful. It means “weasel” in French and I love the weasels and mustelid animals (ferrets, otters, small carnivores) , and Pink, because I always love the Pink Panther”.

And as a Warner Bros big fan, I always love the character Pepe Le Pew (a skunk) and I found it would be funny to mix all these elements under the Belette Le Pink character.

I have a second brand registered as Weasel Hugs, my war cry (follow the hashtag #weaselhugs and #mustelidsarethebestantidepressants )

Belette Le Pink, as Pink-Mink, was born in Vancouver (Canada) but Belette Le Pink as woman is from Madrid (Spain).

Both coexist in harmony inside her, in body and soul, helping her in the creation of their artworks; and when they do not know what to say, they simply say:
Weasel hugs !

Madrid (Spain) 1978.

Studies at Artediez (Arts School in Madrid) Illustration and Graphic Print

Expanded my skills and knowledge in a self-taught way because I could not adapt my work schedules and official studies at that time.

I complemented my visual studies with unofficial music classes for several years (harmony, solfa, singing, piano…)

that broadened my creative and sensitive point of view.

I support environmental causes, both as artist and in person.

My favorite animals are Weasels and Wolves. 

Weasel hugs! is my personal war cry.

I use traditional and digital techniques to paint and sketching animalart.

Exhibitions of paintings and posters in Madrid Area from 1999 to 2010.

Printed on Demand Shop owner since 2017

Illustrator in the book “Una nube, dos nubes, tres nubes” by Maribel Lechuga

Author and Illustrator in the book “Cuando las águilas hacen historia” published by www.grefa.org 2020

Collaboring in the book A Journey To Inspire: My Story My Life by Matt Spencer about bullying and his personal experiences

Creation of characters for educational apps

Pet portraits digital and Mixed Media Art

Commisions of customized products as apparel, gift ideas and merchandising

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